Dark-green-in-small-bathroom, green is a calming, centering color—the color of rejuvenation—so it's a great choice for bathrooms. often overlooked, green is a somewhat unexpected, but often stunning shade for nearly any bathroom.. Pastel green walls enhance the cottage flavor of a bathroom blessed with a wall-to-wall vanity in white. an elegant marble countertop offers plenty of room for grooming supplies, while polished-nickel fixtures and glass cabinet knobs add century-old flavor to the room., green is a calming, centering color, ideal for time in the tub or for a moment of mental peace while shaving before a busy day. try the color as floor tiles, as wall color, as fixtures, or as cabinetry..

After getting burned by eisenhower-era pinks and olive greens, we’ve been playing it safe, color-wise, in the bathroom for a long time. subway tile and white walls dominate modern bathrooms, with maybe a little grey tile on the floor for contrast., this powder room in a san francisco house, decorated by katie ridder, is an exuberant garden-like oasis with lime green walls dotted with aluminum flowers.a green shade this bright should be reserved for spaces that, like this bathroom, embrace a playful, budding spirit..

Choosing a bathroom paint color is tricky. some homeowners prefer a calm atmosphere that is perfect for soaking in the bathtub, while others want the space to feel refreshing and bright. green is ..., the best primary bathroom colors (based on popularity) in order to declare the best color, it must be based on some measurement or benchmark. in our view, the best benchmark is based on what colors are used the most.. View in gallery. you could substitute many dark, dark colors in for the midnight blue and still have a striking bathroom color scheme. we like this midnight blue, with all of its subtle tonal variations in different lighting – greens, blues, greys, and even blacks are all evidenced here, set off by the contrasting white tiles and fixtures., choosing a paint color for your small space is more than just finding the brightest white in hopes of making the room look bigger. you're not limited to light colors for your small space, but you'll want to choose the right hue to make the most of the room..

In a small space like a bathroom, every detail matters: the right wall color, tilework or lighting can transform a dull, dated bathroom into a bright, stylish retreat.