Roof-shingles-off-gassing, we had a new roof put on our house and within 24 hrs i started getting sick. my nervous system is whacked out, can't sleep, intense headaches etc. i've been staying at my daughters house to get away from the chemicals. my husband and son are still staying in the house and don't seem to be bothered by it. we've been using an ozone machine and filled numerous boxes with charcoal and baking soda .... The shingles are unlikely to be the source of the problem, but ice & water shield used as underlayment (the most overused junk building product on the market after osb) can certainly outgas when heated (which, of course, never happens on a roof). from the grace msds:, 24 quot floor finish flat wax applicator mop white with. x close. microfiber mop head review someone has to clean the floor.

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