Small-bathroom-converted-to-laundry-room, if the number of rooms you have outnumbers the amount of bathrooms you have, one affordable conversion is to transform your laundry room into an extra bathroom. bathroom additions typically increase your home value, and the existing plumbing lines from your laundry room will cut down on expensive plumbing expenses.. I am so thrilled to be sharing some after photos with you today of our laundry room we have been renovating. this project has been one of our favorite and a very new kind of project, because it wasn’t a laundry room to begin with at all., laundry with bathroom combination can be a smart solution for utilizing small spaces, ranging from making a hidden laundry cabinets, or simply put the laundry in the bathroom.

Find out why if you convert spare bedroom into laundry room it may have a negative effect on your home's value. learn how to properly vent dryer exhaust pipes to decrease the chance of a dryer fire., i would like to convert my laundry room into a 2nd bathroom. (i use the laundromat mostly as its more efficient for my situation). my hot water heater is there, as well as hot/cold water pipes and a floor drain..

If your home isn't blessed with a huge laundry room to wash and fold your clothes, don't worry. all of these room ideas—with built-in storage tips—will help you make the most of what you do have., aug 8, 2011 - i need to turn my laundry room closet into a pantry and add some functionality to the laundry area!. see more ideas about laundry room, pantry makeover, laundry room closet.. Even if space isn't at a premium, a whole room devoted just to doing laundry can seem wasteful. in fact, given that when you're engaged in this time-consuming chore you're inevitably multitasking ..., jul 6, 2020 - even if you feel like your laundry room is too small, with a little bit of organization and the right decor, we can have you loving your laundry room. and maybe even doing laundry! #remodelaholic #laundryroomideas #laundryroomdecor. see more ideas about laundry room, laundry room decor, laundry mud room..

After years of living in new york city with no washer/dryer unit, my tiny laundry room feels luxurious. but for those of you who, like me, have a laundry room that could be described as "petite," you know firsthand that there are some small-space storage challenges that you have to face.