Small-vehicle-with-bathroom, class c rvs with a shower & toilet onboard. a class c motorhome is the perfect option for those who want something roomier than the tiny class b but prefer a truck-like driving experience rather than the bus-like setup of the class a. class c rvs also tend to be a bit less expensive than class a motorhomes, and they often offer more sleeping spaces, making them ideal for families.. The van has unique two-room concept thanks to optional sleeping roof, dimmable led touch control lighting with memory function, infinitely adjustable framed windows, table can be folded down and does not to be stowed while driving, froli comfort sleeping system with cold foam mattresses, folding clothes rail in compact bathroom, etc., to kick of our list of small campers with bathrooms we have the jay sport trailer.. if you have the sport trailer, you need not pay for a room in a dubiously appointed hotel ever again. revamped for 2017, this trailer packs an amenities filled punch, with all the essentials included without any wasted space..

If you’ve been looking for a camper that can sleep a whole family and still has room for a bathroom, don’t overlook the jay sport by jayco.. like most other campers, this one is offered in a variety of sizes, with features you can opt into., barefoot caravans. the barefoot caravan is manufactured in uk and designed by tom ogen, matt cullis and lewis earle. this small trailer stands out from the rest due to its customization options and by that i mean you can select the color scheme of the curtains, bathroom and kitchen walls, seats, upholstery and your preferred fabric..

I’ve got a little bit of a fascination with rv bathrooms. especially small rv/trailers bathrooms, because i’m intrigued with how to fit in all the things that make a bathroom doable for me… without taking up half the rv.. so in this post i’m going to explore some of the options i’ve seen for a small bathroom; or more accurately, a bathroom in a small rv or trailer., this sleek camper van from colorado-based tourig foregoes a full bathroom for an inconspicuous portable toilet. all photos courtesy of tourig if you buy something from a curbed link, vox media may ....

The pika is available with an all-road package ready for towing behind all-wheel-drive crossover suvs. there is also an offroad package, which features a timbren axleless suspension with a 4″ lift, 33″ bfg all-terrain tires, electric brakes, rock armor, and max coupler articulating hitch., traditional small trailers can be anywhere from 13-feet to 20 feet in length. class b rvs are motorized rvs, meaning you don’t have to tow them. they’re converted vans that have a sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom, and sometimes, a shower. they range in size from 16 to 23 feet..

Small campers are a great way to up your camping game without needing a huge rig or tow vehicle. these small travel trailers have all the comforts of home – a bathroom (sometimes) a kitchen, a sitting area, a bed – but are light enough to tow with a small or medium-sized vehicle. that means better gas mileage and easier storage.